33% of Istanbul Public Bread Products Zam


In Halk Ekmek, an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the price of bread increased from 75 kurus to 1 TL due to the increase in flour prices and other expense costs.

Istanbul Halk Ekmek's last price regulation for normal and whole wheat bread was 2,5 years ago.

The increase in flour and other cost expenses for 32 months was not reflected in the prices. Other important inputs in the cost of bread, distribution, labor and energy costs zam price increase has become mandatory.

The price of flour, the main raw material of bread, rose 2018 percent between February 2020 and September 85.

In the last 32 months, electricity has increased by 133 percent, natural gas by 91 percent and workers' wages by 50 percent.

It has become inevitable to make price adjustments in order to offer healthy and cheap bread to Istanbul residents.

The price of normal and wholemeal bread, which is sold at 75 kuruş in Halk Ekmek buffets, has become 19 TL as of September 2020, 1.

While 200 grams of bread is currently sold for 1,75 TL in Istanbul, 250 grams of normal and whole wheat bread is sold for 1 TL in Halk Ekmek.

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