2 Rock Tombs Found in Van Erciş Roadworks


During the road widening work in Van's Erciş district, two 3-year-old rock tombs belonging to the Urartu period were found during the excavation. Art historian Cihan Bingöl, who stated that Erciş was a precious settlement during the Urartu period, said, "When valuable people died in the Urartu period, these rocks were drilled and buried in these rocks".

On the 20th kilometer of the Erciş-Adilcevaz road, road expansion work was initiated by the highways teams. Two rock graves were found on the road in one of the excavations carried out during the studies. Van Regional Directorate of Cultural Protection was informed to examine the rock tombs, which were found one kilometer in the middle of the road widening works carried out by construction equipment. In the examination, it was determined that the tombs had a tunnel appearance and were related to the Urartu period, and they were found to be 2 thousand years old. Art historian Cihan Bingöl, who graduated from the Art History Department of Van Yüzüncü Yıl University, stated that Erciş district was a precious settlement during the Urartu period. Bingöl said the following:

“There are many rock tombs in the domination areas of the Urartians, which have a history of 3 thousand years. Rock tombs were pierced and buried in these rocks when precious personalities lost their lives during the Urartu period. It is very high that the tunnel discovered during the Adilcevaz-Erciş road works is a rock tomb. We also informed the Van Regional Directorate of Culture and Protection on this bet. They will come and do their work in this field. "

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