1.000 TL Social Aid Payment Started!


1.000 TL Social Aid Payment Started! : The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services announced that 620 thousand families received aid within the scope of the Economic Stability Shield Package. Minister Selçuk announced that social assistance payments for families and children of needy soldiers, widowed women, those with chronic illnesses, orphans and orphans started on 24 August. While the applications for social assistance payments, which have been on the agenda for a long time, continue to be paid, the money of the citizens who applied also began to be paid.


Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, announced that August social assistance support payments started on 24 August. Emphasizing that a total of 5 million TL will be paid to approximately 157 thousand people in need with 90,1 cash social support programs, Selçuk said that they support the families of the needy soldiers and soldiers who carry out compulsory military service, 400 TL per month, 800 TL for two-month periods, 24 for 16,9 thousand families. He stated that they invested XNUMX million.

Applications continue to be received through the E-Government Pandemic Social Support Program. According to the last digit of your TR Identity Number for you to apply;

  • 0- Monday
  • 2-Tuesday
  • 4-Wednesday
  • 6-Thursday
  • 8- Friday

You can make your applications on the days.

Anyone can apply without any restrictions on Saturdays and Sundays.


Noting that they increased the monthly payment amount by 50 percent from 100 lira to 150 lira within the scope of the Aid Program for Children of Needy Soldiers, Minister Selcuk said, “We make regular cash aid of 2 lira every 300 months. In this context, we will pay 200 thousand lira to 284 needy people this month. " gave the information.

Minister Selçuk stated that they are with the needy women whose husbands passed away and said, "We will support 89 thousand women in need with a total of 57,8 million TL." used the expression.


Noting that they support 18 lira per month for children under the age of 150 whose mother, father or both have died, Minister Selcuk stated that they will deposit a total of 39 million lira to the accounts of 11,6 thousand people.

Stating that they will support 2 million lira for more than 3,3 people in need with chronic illnesses, Minister Selçuk stated that Chronic Disease Aid payments will be made as of August 25 and other payments will be made on August 24-28.


After applying for social assistance, evaluations will be made based on households, not individuals. In other words, the application of 5 people in the same household and the application of 1 person are the same. Social assistance payments are made to only one person in the same family.

The application will not be considered if there is a person in the applicant's household with the following scopes:

Those who benefited from the cash support of 1 TL within the scope of the Pandemic Social Support Program Phase 2 and Phase 1000

  • Public workers within the scope of Article 5510 / a of Law No. 4
  • Civil servants within the scope of Article 5510 / c of Law No.4
  • Income or pensioners (retirees) from the Social Security Institution (SGK)
  • Beneficiaries of İŞKUR Unemployment Allowance
  • Those benefiting from İŞKUR Short Work Allowance - Haber7

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