Zam2020 Dacia Duster Prices

Prices continue to increase in the automobile market. Too long zamNow we are faced with the news that various brands update their prices. Of course, these updates are about prices going up. The most prominent reason for the price increases is seen as the coronavirus. When the contraction in production due to the supply difficulties caused by the epidemic is combined with the increase in demand, it is inevitable for the prices to rise. Of course, the rise in the exchange rate and various other factors also played a role in the emergence of these increases.

 2020 Dacia Duster prices too zamwas

The last automaker to come up with price increases is Renaultknown as a side brand of Dacia happened. Especially in our country, one of the most popular SUV models Dacia Duster The price list of the model has been updated. When we look at the price list created after the new update, each package zamWe see that it has been made. In addition, in May, buyers from 139.400 TL Dacia Duster the starting price has now reached 145.100 TL.

But zamHow much did s come? Sold in two packages, Comfort and Prestige Dacia Duster2020 TL as of June 3.000 zamwas. Offering more hardware than its peers in this price band DusterIt seems that it will continue to attract attention in our country. Especially sold the factory model LPG version, most stands out as the option of selling in Turkey. Dacia Duster You can check the 2020 price list below.

Dacia Duster 2020 Price List:

  • Comfort 1.0 Tce 100 hp 4 × 2: 145.100 TL
  • Comfort ECO- G 115 hp 4 × 2: 149.900 TL
  • Comfort 1.5 Blue dCi 95 hp 4 × 2: TL 177.400
  • Comfort 1.5 Blue dCi 115 hp 4 × 4: TL 197.900
  • Prestige ECO- G 115 hp 4 × 2: 157.400 TL
  • Prestige 1.3 Tce 150 hp 4 × 4: 173.400 TL
  • Prestige 1.5 Blue dCi 115 hp 4 × 4: 206.400 TL

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