They Will Produce Domestic and National Electric Light Cargo Vehicles

Faculty members and students at the Faculty of Engineering of the University started to conduct R&D studies on electric cars in 2016. Successful in their work, the team managed to produce the prototype of the electric car one year later at the university.

The team, which has carried out important works in the production of electric vehicles, started negotiations with Tekno CTP company, which has been working on electric light cargo transportation vehicles 2 months ago.

Faculty members and students will make the prototype vehicle designed by the company suitable for traffic.

İzmir University of Economics Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. Yaşar Güneri Şahin said that many universities and institutions are working on developing electric vehicles.

Stating that electric golf vehicles have been built before, Şahin said. “The company set out to build an electric transportation vehicle at the request of cargo companies. But when they learned that the vehicle they developed had some shortcomings to be able to go to the traffic, they reached us. We started working on the project. We will apply all the features of the electric vehicle we have developed on the light commercial vehicle. In this regard will be a first in Turkey. " dedicate.

Şahin stated that the team of 30 continues to work despite the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic.


Stating that their vehicles will save energy while being small in size, they will provide great convenience to cargo companies.

“Our electric light commercial vehicle will have a weight of 350 kilograms and a load carrying capacity of 400 kilograms. Our 2,80-meter-long vehicle will have a range of 70 kilometers. Thanks to the smart navigation system, it will be able to consume less electricity and use the route. Thanks to its replaceable cassette type battery, it will be a vehicle that can install a new battery in 10-15 seconds and continue its mission. Charge your batteries zamIt has very important features from controlling the moments to automatic control of engine powers. It will be a small compact style vehicle that can run on 100 percent electricity.

Stating that the engines used in these types of vehicles come from China and other countries, Şahin said, “We want to produce a domestic and national electric motor in our vehicle. We will only buy the battery from another country. Apart from that, we want 90 percent of the parts to be used to be local and national. It will be the first in this class. We started working. We will start trial studies within 2 months. We aim to complete it within a year. " said.

Techno CTP company official Burak Kurtulmuş said that their companies have been producing spare parts for caravan manufacturing for 30 years.

Noting that the trend towards electric vehicles is increasing in the world, Kurtulmuş stated that they have started to work on developing such vehicles for cargo companies.

Noting that the work has been continuing for 4 years, Kurtdu said, “We brought this vehicle up to a point. After that, we will complete our project with the university. Our goal is to go to Turkey as soon as the road we developed our electric light commercial vehicle. " used expressions.

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