Domestic Electric Mini Commercial Vehicle is Produced

Domestic Electric Mini Vehicles Produce: Chair, in plastic injection molding and mold making Turkey and Europe is one of the largest companies in Bursa centered established under the Pilot Group 'pilotcan's brand in a short time, while Turkey's largest golf and utility vehicle manufacturer increased its claim with its new project, electric mini light commercial vehicle model.

The target of this 1000-person electric mini truck named 'P-2', which will start pre-sale in September and is planned to hit the road in October, is to get a share of the fast-growing narrow area deliveries especially in Europe.


There are 55 different versions of the mini truck with approval certificates and a speed of 4 km.

  • Chassis version without superstructure
  • Open case
  • Closed safe
  • Garbage collection box


The founder and general manager of Pilotcar, Şükrü Özkılıç, stated that the starting price of the electric mini truck, which is currently 90 percent domestic and produced in Bursa, will be 110-120 thousand TL, “ In the first place, we achieved a range of 1 km according to EU test criteria (WLPT) with the lead acid battery pack on the vehicle. However, since we think that this range will not be sufficient in most areas in our country, we have started the process of integrating the lithium battery pack with 1000 different energy storage capacity into our vehicles, it will be ready at the end of the year. With these battery packs, we have 120 different range targets, 2 and 200 km. We act in partnership with the Turkish company IMECAR in this regard ”.


Underlining that the main targets of the project will be exports, Özkılıç said: “We predict that the market shares of mini electric vehicles will increase significantly, especially in Europe. Our goal in the first stage is to have a total of 1000 vehicles per produce and sell. We want to export at least 60% of these vehicles. Our goal is to increase production units, further reducing our costs to become a brand in Turkey, SMEs and tradesmen may prefer. We plan to market this especially in areas suitable for use of these vehicles such as e-commerce companies, cargo companies, municipalities and public institutions. Have your say in our agreement with Turkey have also made some very few companies. " Özkılıç also gave the good news that the next models in the light commercial area will be mini buses and vans.


Sukru Domes, SMEs and our craftsmen in Turkey, saying they wanted to tell this tool correctly, "After a mini-van and aim with these vehicles carrying capacity up to 1 ton, especially to complete the last link of the urban distribution in the supply chain. Therefore, it would not be right to compare this vehicle with light commercial vehicles. When we compare the operating costs of the vehicle with an internal combustion vehicle, serious advantages emerge. Especially in maintenance, oil, filter etc. The lack of consumable expenses provides serious advantages to businesses, especially in fleet use. In the energy consumption tests of this vehicle we produce, it can cover a distance of 100 km much more economically than a gasoline or diesel vehicle ”. - Spokesman

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