New Regulation Will Increase Expertise Jobs

With the new regulation, he pointed out that the authorization certificate of the auto expertise companies, which issue an expertise report contrary to the real condition of the vehicle and repeat this situation within a calendar year, will be canceled. Emre said, “The main reason for the emergence of the trust problem in second-hand vehicle purchase and sale is under the stairs auto expertise companies. With the new regulation, these companies that make poor quality measurements that do not comply with any standards and insist on not employing qualified personnel will fail this exam and disappear. For this reason, with the new regulation, corporate auto expertise companies that have TSE and Service Qualification Certificate will provide the confidence sought in the sector. said.

"The number of vehicles entering the expertise increased by 30 percent"

Expressing that the number of vehicles undergoing expertise increased by 30 percent compared to last year, in direct proportion to the increasing sales with the demand for second-hand cars, Emre said that they expect a 40 percent increase in appraisal entries by the end of the year with the new regulation.

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