New Passat Will Be On The Road In 2023

Passat, one of the most well-known models of the German car manufacturer Volkswagen, has fairly decent sales numbers in our country.

The sedan model, which sells more than 30 million units worldwide and is sold in approximately 100 markets, has gone down in history as the best-selling item of the German brand after Golf.


According to Autocar's arguments, Volkswagen's primary goal will be to combine the Passat, which is still sold on different platforms in some markets, into a single infrastructure.

The vehicle, all of which will be transferred to the MQB platform, will not be manufactured in Europe "technically" by Volkswagen.

The Passat models, which are currently produced at the Emden plant in Germany, will be moved to the Kvasiny factory, where Skoda also produces the Superb with the new generation.


Volkswagen rolled up sleeves to scale up the model to resist the SUV and crossover wind. For this reason, it is said that the new Passat will come with a much longer wheelbase.

Just as Passat, which will be expanded, will have a much more spacious cabin.

The sedan model, which aims to exceed the comfort expected of it, will also receive some of its visual elements from the Arteon, which was made up in recent months.



On the other hand, sources claiming that the design of the vehicle has been completed also confirmed that a completely electric Passat will emerge with the MQB platform.

It is said that Volkswagen's new Passat will be available in England by 2023 and will come to Europe within the same year.

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Source: Motor1

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