New Honda CR-Z Coming!

Highly popular car manufacturer in our country Hondacame to the fore with a patent application it had made. After this application, the rumors about the new vehicle of the Japan-based car manufacturer increased even more. Accordingly, the company once produced with great expectations but could not get what it wanted in terms of sales numbers. CR-Z will reproduce the model. After 6 years of production adventure, the production of the CR-ZIf nothing goes wrong, he will be on the stage again later.

Good news for Honda enthusiasts: The new car is on the way!

Popular car brand HondaThe patent application filed by the US Patent and Trademark Office on July 29 caused a great impact in the foreign press. According to the news HondaWith the developing technology, it will bring new engine options together with its followers. A period of the company produced with great expectations, but could not meet these expectations. CR-Z It is also mentioned that he will turn to the model. Accordingly, the new generations of the model, which was discontinued in 2016, may land on the asphalt in the near future.

Produced for 2011 years including 6 CR-Zwas one of the remarkable cars of the period with its design and hybrid engine. When the number of sales of the vehicle, which was gradually decreasing, was below 500, the company stopped production. The model, in the form of a double-door coupe, did not attract much attention in our country at the time. HondaThe new generation is a CR-Z Time will tell if he will go out with.

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