What the New Regulation Will Change in Used Vehicle Trade

The regulation on the trade of second hand motor vehicles prepared by the Ministry of Commerce entered into force on 2 August. According to the new regulation, those who are engaged in the purchase and sale of used cars must obtain a license until August 15.

Expertise companies play an important role in ensuring that the citizen who will buy a second-hand vehicle completes his / her trade in an environment of trust. With the arrangement made in February 2018, a legal basis was created in the sector, and the last step was taken on 15 August.

TÜV SÜD D-Expert Deputy General Manager Ozan Ayözger, long on the way to institutionalization zamStating that they have come to an end in the steps taken for the moment, “The enterprises that are engaged in the trade of second-hand motor vehicles must obtain an authorization certificate by 31 August 2020. As of this date, second-hand motor vehicle trade will be carried out by businesses that have authorization certificates, ”he said.

Drawing attention to the obligations that companies, buyers and sellers must know, Ayözger said, “Companies without an authorization certificate will be able to sell a maximum of 3 second-hand vehicles in a year. Businesses that sell second-hand vehicles will have to receive an appraisal report within three days before the date of sale. The fee of the report to be received will be paid by the buyer if the sales transaction does not occur due to a reason arising from the buyer, and in other cases by the seller business. "It will be mandatory to obtain an appraisal report for vehicles under eight years of age or under one hundred and sixty thousand kilometers by model year."

Three Months Or 5 Thousand Km Warranty

Making a statement about the matters covered by the warranty, Ayözger said, “The second-hand car traded will be under the guarantee of the company engaged in the trade of second hand motor vehicles for three months or five thousand kilometers from the date of sale. The enterprise will be able to meet the issues covered by the guarantee by taking out insurance. ''

No Guarantee to Receiver of Damaged Vehicle, Although He Knows

Regarding the matters that are not covered by the Ayözger warranty, he said, "People who buy the current vehicle will not be able to benefit from this guarantee, although they know the malfunction and damage specified in the expertise report. However, malfunctions and damages documented by the enterprise, which is known by the buyer during the sale, will not be covered by the warranty. ''

Mentioning that the expertise centers will continue to be the complementary element of the automotive sector with the last arrangement, Ayözger stated that both buyers and sellers will be secured with the meticulous inspection of the new regulation.

Corporate Firms Will Be Stronger From The Process

Ayözger, who also shared his foresight regarding the later stages of the process, completed his words as follows: In a year when the reflections of the regulation can be clearly observed, I can say that companies that progress institutionally in the sector will be advantageous. I think that by registering the quality of service, those who provide trust will continue on their way by getting stronger.

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