Yamaha's' Water Supported Motorcycle Project

One of the esteemed representatives of the motorcycle division, Yamaha seems to be working on an interesting project. This project represents a motorcycle design that requires water at its core. It is not known if this medical project will be real, but motorcycle fans are very much interested in the idea of ​​a water powered motorcycle. they will like we are sure.

Yamaha's theological project, for the first time In 2016 appeared. In those periods, the company prepared this project only as a theoretical thesis. However, the emerging information and Yamaha's perception on the project reflect the motorcycle design we are used to so far. apart brings it to a point. Let's quickly take a closer look at Yamaha's project and other details.

Here is the concept design created by Yamaha

For the concept created by Yamaha, it is not true to say that it runs on water or has a water engine. Because the concept design created, the chain, belt or shaft drive that powers the rear wheel. is changing. This change takes advantage of the water pressure. hydraulic system Because it contains, the motorcycle is considered to be running on water. We can say that this project is a motorcycle that does not run entirely on water, but needs a water pump.

What is used in Yamaha's concept motorcycle design that allows water to be pumped is actually the engine of the motorcycle representing. Although what we have told so far seems unreasonable for now, in fact, two projects that have been put forward in past eras, water source propulsion system reveals how it can be. If you wish, let's quickly take a closer look at projects related to water source propulsion systems.

In 2018, owned in Australia From 6 wheels An all-terrain vehicle with traction is introduced. This vehicle was called the Ferox Azaris and was indeed different from the usual off-road vehicles. Because the developer group designed this vehicle to showcase the in-wheel fluid drive system. According to the company's thesis, the engine used in the vehicle percent 98 it was working with efficiency. This meant reaction and high power when the gas was touched.

Off-road vehicle with traction on all 6 wheels

The Ferox Azaris propulsion system provides the vehicle with a magnificent level. flexibility earning. In addition, this type of propulsion system makes the vehicle significantly lighter. This provides extra performance for a user. Here is Yamaha from all these details impressed by seems to be trying to develop a propulsion system of this type.

Fluid propulsion systems, as well as Ferox Azaris, an inventor Ian Drysdale It was used by. Creating a unique motorcycle design, Drysdale used a 2x2x2 traction system on this motorcycle. While the motorcycle provided power to both the front and rear wheels, the front and rear wheels could be controlled with the steering wheel. Apparently Drysdale's design also affected case.

Yamaha's liquid propulsion motorcycle project, in addition to providing power to both wheels, to the advantages also have. For example, this kind of motorcycle will have a more stylish design than classic motorcycles. Because this motorcycle will not include oil chains. A separate electric motor Or the engine with a different combustion will give life to this kind of motorcycle.

Liquid propulsion motorcycles, besides their advantages, some to disadvantages also have. For example, fluid propulsion systems are somewhat shaky structures and are not fully sealed. In addition, this type of system can be used on a motorcycle. may not be used well unknown for now.

Whether Yamaha can design a motorcycle with fluid propulsion remains to be seen. uncertainty protecting. In fact, Ferox, the developer of Azaris, has been quiet for a long time. So the company overcame some issues and turned Azaris into a work. could not bring may be. If that's the case, we can say that Yamaha's crazy project will remain on paper.

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