Volkswagen ID. Buggy Will Be Produced in Limited Edition

Volkswagen plans to produce an all-electric SUV with an affordable price tag. The car that will appear in five years at the earliest is the ID. It will be the mass production version of the buggy concept. But under a different name: ID. Ruggedzz.

According to the report of the Car Magazine website, Volkswagen had to present the ID.Buggy concept, which aroused great interest, in a different format. It was announced that the green car, which was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March last year, will be produced in a "limited number".

To rival Land Rover Defender

However, Aachen-based company e.Go Mobile, which Volkswagen was planning to produce the electric car together, went bankrupt. Despite this, the German brand ID. He did not leave Buggy to his fate. The company continues to develop the production version of the vehicle alone.

ID according to the information received. The buggy will evolve into an easy-to-manufacture electric SUV that can compete with the Land Rover Defender and has a relatively low starting price. ID of the car. It is stated to be named Ruggedzz.

It will carry the characteristics of the green car

ID. Although Ruggedzz will come up with a more traditional exterior, ID. It will borrow some of the buggy's characteristics. We can list these as big wheels, off-road tires and ground clearance.

Volkswagen next year ID. Can introduce the concept of Ruggedzz. However, it will take 2025 for us to see the vehicle on the road. There are no details about the car's engine. Built on the modular MEB platform, the ID.Buggy was equipped with a 204-horsepower electric motor mounted on the rear axle.

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