Volkswagen Conducts 2.400 Coronavirus Tests a Day

German automaker Volkswagen, which was in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus, had to stop its production almost all over the world.

The German manufacturer, who returned to his old days again with the normalization period, took action against the coronavirus cases that increased again in the country.

Volkswagen has already rolled up its sleeves for the epidemic cases, which are starting to increase day by day in Germany. The company plans to fight the coronavirus with the test areas it will set up in its facilities around Germany.


Volkswagen can now perform 2 tests a day at its facility in Wolfsburg. 400 workers working in Wolfsburg, its home base and largest facility, are tested once a week and the results are delivered to them within 50 hours.

Volkswagen will implement voluntary coronavirus tests with this system to be used throughout Germany. Employees will be able to come to these regions, give samples and get their results within 24 hours.

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