Volkswagen to Test Autonomous Vehicles in China


German car manufacturer Volkswagen, one of the companies that develops completely electric and driverless car technologies, bought 50 percent of the Chinese electric vehicle developer JAC for $ 1.18 billion last May.

Taking action to test autonomous vehicles in China, Volkswagen will test the autonomous features of Audi's e-tron model in Hefei in eastern China. Tests will start next month, then will be open to everyone.


In addition to this attack, which is perceived as the aggressive growth plan of VW in China, the world's largest automotive market, it is stated that the German company will take over the management of the company in the next period and increase its share in the scope to 75 percent.

The German manufacturer also has subsidiaries in China with the FAW Cluster and SAIC.

Volkswagen Finally, last month, the US-based name Argo AI invested $ 2.6 billion in its autonomous vehicle initiative.

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