Vespa Primavera 50 Price List and Technical Specifications


Italian motorcycle brand VespaContinues to drag its fans with the iconic style that it has adopted since 1946. Vespacontinues to produce motorcycles under the principles of economic consumption and durability in the city. About 2 years ago Persons with Class B driving license also can use Spring 50 It started to appeal to a wider audience by launching its model named.

Primavera 50 has an engine displacement of 49 cc, so you must have a motorcycle license to drive the vehicle. not the rule. Different from each other Let's take a look at the other features offered by Vespa Primavera with color options and the new price list.


Vespa Primavera 50, what we are used to classic Vespa lines it seems to have managed to continue in an innovative state. Primavera 50, which has both a sporty and youthful spirit, has a sharp limited stop lamp and an enlarged parking light. Wasp, Although the Primavera 50 model wants to continue its old style, the details added to the motorcycle look very contemporary. 

Your motorcycle including red, white, coral, blue and black 5 different color options and the fact that there are many color options indicates that the motorcycle will attract people of all styles. The Primavera 735, which has a width of 1860 mm and a length of 50 mm, is generally preferred by Vespa in its motorcycles. 5-post 12-inch wheels Features. 

By blending sharp boundaries with soft details, the brand argues that Primavera 50 has a highly contemporary, agile and agile look. Primavera 50 does not promise anything different from other models in terms of design. The main incident of Primavera 50 is not in its design, Without needing a class A driving license being a vehicle that can be used comfortably in the city. 


We can say that Primavera 50 does not offer a random additional measure to the user in terms of security measures. VespaUnfortunately, it does not use safety measures such as the ABS brake system on its motorcycles below 50 cc, such as Primavera. If I will use a motorcycle, it is not necessarily ABS brake system If you want it, Vespa Primavera S or Primavera Red We recommend you to take a look at higher volume motorcycle models. 


It is worth noting that the Vespa Primavera 50 does not promise a random feature on the hardware side, just as it is in design and safety. Primavera series-specific front and rear led headlights, remote-controlled seat and help you lock the motorcycle Bike Finder unfortunately, the features are With 125 and 150 cc engine displacement offered in models. 

Vespa Primavera 50 engine

Spring 50 in its models, It has an engine volume of 49 cc single cylinder, air cooled and i-get to the catalyst have engines. For motorcycles with volumes of 50 or more, it is imperative to have an A-class license, so Vespa kept the engine volume at 49 so that people with Class B licenses can also benefit from this model.

Can reach 45 km per hour With CVT gearbox this engine 25 horsepower and at 7500 RPM 3 Nm of torque produces. The general purpose of Primavera 50 is that transportation in the city can be carried out in the most comfortable and easy way by keeping the engine performance at a medium level. 

Vespa Primavera 50 performance

With Primavera 50, transportation within the city is extremely comfortable and easy it looks like it will happen. Primavera 50 keeps the driver in long traffic queues for hours, especially during business entry and exit hours in big cities. the type that won't keep you waiting. The fuel capacity of Primavera 50 is also very suitable for use in big cities. 

Vespa Primavera 50 fuel consumption

34 liter per 1 kilometers The Primavera 50, which consumes fuel, has an 8-liter fuel tank. The fuel consumption in the city is extremely argued Primavera 50 is only It consumes 2,6 liters of fuel

Vespa has been valuing the drivers as well as the surrounding areas for years and does not hesitate to bring this into language at every opportunity. Primavera 50, in terms of fuel consumption as well as CO2 performance, environmental CO2 emission according to scientific and scientific knowledge. only 65 grams per kilometer

Vespa Primavera 50 prices 

As you know, Vespa does not launch its motorcycles at very affordable prices. Although Primavera 50 offers economical fuel consumption, prices from every section to human It may not be appropriate. 

  • Primavera 50 4T3V 2020 - 27.900 TL

Other models for the Primavera Series

Vespa's Primavera series has long been admired and appealing to human beings of all modes have models. Vespa enthusiasts who do not want to be content with the Primavera 50 can also take a look at other models of the series. 

Vespa Primavera Touring

Primavera Touring mostly appeals to drivers who like both travel and technological equipment. Front and rear chrome luggage Retro It not only adds a touch of air, it also provides great comfort by allowing the driver to carry his bags or personal belongings with him. The design of the Primavera Touring is just like the Primavera 50, but the motorcycle has 50 and 150. two different engine options Features. 

When you choose the 150 cc engine, in addition to the Primavera 50, the remote controlled seat and rear and front led headlights come as standard in the package. The prices of the Primavera Touring, of course, vary according to the engine size. The price list of the model is as follows;

  • Vespa Primavera Touring 2020 - 40.500 TL

Vespa Primavera S

Primavera S is seen as one of the most energetic, sporty and agile motorcycles Vespa has produced in the Primavera series. 150 inches on motorcycles with a 4,3 cc engine TFT full digital color display By downloading the Vespa application to their phones, drivers can easily listen to music, view their messages and answer incoming invitations. 

  • Vespa Primavera S 2020 - 41.500 TL


This model with the most colorful design of the Primavera series, The result of Sean Wotherspoon and Vespa collaboration off a motorcycle. With 50 different engine options, 150 and 2, this motorcycle many different materials, from metal to velvet used and contrasting colors were used in all details in order to do justice to the design. You can review the price list of the models below.

  • Vespa Primavera SEAN WOTHERSPOON 50 cc 2020 - 36.900 TL 
  • Vespa Primavera SEAN WOTHERSPOON 150 cc 2020 - 49.900 TL

Vespa Primavera 50 and other models of the Primavera series in this form. Speaking of Primavera 50, it is extremely advantageous to use such a practical vehicle in the city without the need for an A class driver's license. Can the Primavera 50, which does not offer many innovations and features in terms of design and equipment, be preferred thanks to its economical fuel consumption and driving license? Your ideas in the comments we will be waiting impatiently

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