Efficient Ways to Pass the Distance Education Process


The Ministry of National Education announced that the new academic year will start in the form of distance education as of August 31, and face-to-face education will begin on September 21. Educator Author Coşkun Bulut made suggestions especially to primary and secondary school parents so that students can continue their education life in the most efficient way during distance education and new normal education periods.

The process of distance education and the transition to new normal education, which entered our lives with the global epidemic, made changes in the daily life routines of students, families, teachers and school administrators. In order to spend this process in the most efficient way, zamAuthor Coşkun Bulut, currently an educator, made the following suggestions to parents.

Physical Conditions Should Be Made Suitable

In order for students to receive an efficient education in this process, every family should provide appropriate physical conditions for their children at home within their own means. In order to ensure these conditions, care should be taken to ensure that the room is quiet and bright to be taught, and that there is no other movement or object in the room that may distract the child. A small table, chair, and stationery items that may be needed with them should be prepared before the lesson. A small classroom environment should be created for them at home. The child should seriously prepare the daily textbooks and necessary materials in a bag or in a suitable place in advance, as if he continues face-to-face education. Thus, the child takes the responsibility of preparing his / her own belongings, and when face-to-face education is switched to real life, he / she will acquire the necessary habit beforehand.

Especially for children of primary school age, if any, their close sibling can be seated by leaving a certain distance between them and they can be ensured that they have tried and experienced how to leave social distance at home. In this way, children can follow the lessons on EBA TV and do their homework. Thus, both the warmth of the classroom environment can be felt and they become familiar with the conditions when they start face-to-face training.

An average of half an hour lesson plan can be made according to the age of the children. Apart from EBA TV, ten-minute breaks can be made and they can be recommended to work up to four lesson hours.

By establishing connections between the lessons, the lessons should be tried to be enjoyable. For example, your child can make a picture of a text he / she read in Turkish lessons.

Good Communication with the Teacher is Important 

One of the most efficient ways to spend this process is to establish a healthy communication with the teacher. Within the conditions and technical possibilities of the school the student attends, it is important to talk to the teacher on the phone or through live lessons on EBA TV, solve questions he does not know, and get support from his teacher.

One of the most effective ways of learning both in this period and in the normal order; It is the child's self-expression of what he has learned and understood in the lesson. For this reason, it should be ensured that the mother, father or a person who may be interested tell the subject learned that day, and the child should rest patiently.

Every family should be made aware so that children do not get cold from the lessons and fulfill their responsibilities even in difficult situations. As a result of these suggestions, children will improve their aspects such as creating solutions, feeling competent and taking responsibility. - Hibya News Agency

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