National Data Matrix Standards Created


Central Bank of Turkey (CBT), payments in the country within the scope of studies to support innovative methods of doing business, infrastructure, Turkey has developed national standards data matrix.

In the statement made by the CBRT, the following were recorded:

“With the national data matrix principles and rules called TR DataMatrix, it is aimed to increase the use of data matrix in retail payments in our country, to initiate payments more easily, efficiently and securely, and ultimately to support the goal of using less cash. 

In this context, a standard data matrix structure and rules were established for the payments area in order to ensure interoperability by using a common language among actors in the payments ecosystem, to support innovative initiatives and to contribute to the widespread use of data matrix in payments. 

It is predicted that the study will also support the issues of reducing contact and adopting electronic payment methods in payments, which are increasing in importance with the Coronavirus (Covid-2020) epidemic that has affected the world in 19.

The 'Regulation on the Production and Use of TR DataMatrix in Payment Services' and the 'TR DataMatrix Principles and Rules' documents prepared within the scope of the works carried out within this framework were published in the Official Gazette dated 21.08.2020 and numbered 31220. - Hibya News Agency

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