Flying Cars Come True in Japan

One of the most used objects in future depictions, which a generation has seen in cartoons as a child, flying cars it might not be that far. Japanese government flying cars 2023'te It sacrificed an important budget to start being used effectively.

Around the world Airbus, Boeing and Uber Currently, companies are working on flying cars and air taxi. Some of these free to roam While it focuses on vehicles, some focus on vehicles that will move in the middle of fixed points.

2 Seater EVTOLs are coming

In short intervals with vehicles capable of vertical landing and take-off (VTOL) The idea of ​​traveling is not an impossible thing to happen in Japan. One of the country's new flying vehicle enterprises SkyDrive, short deadline ago SD-XXannounced.

As this tool runs on electricity eVTOL classified as. Face on the clock 100 to kilometers The vehicle is the size of a car and can transport 2 passengers for tens of kilometers. The firm hopes it will be able to complete its first flight tests this summer.

Former Toyota engineer, CEO of the firm Tomohiro FukuzawaIn big cities such as Tokyo or Osaka air taxi He expressed that they were thinking of providing the service. The reason for choosing these cities was defined as the fact that flying over the sea is now seen as risky.

Can take off vertically

The SkyDrive CEO is dedicated to the development process, “gWith the increase in the number of workers in the business Significantly accelerated" he mentioned. In the first step, in the middle Universal Studios Japan SD-XXs will be used for travels to various regions, including

Fukuzawa vehicle as a basis automatic He mentioned that he will advance in the pilot, but he will need a pilot to act in a possible emergency. The company's CEO said that their aim is to sell at least 2028 vehicles by 100. According to the CEO's statements, each SD-XX "For an expensive car price" will be sold. Flying cars what do you think about Would you like to use one of these?

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