TAI and BOREN to Make Sound with New Alternative in World Composite Production

A cooperation protocol on "Research on the Use of Boron Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials in Aviation Structures" was initiated between Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) and the National Boron Institute (BOREN).

Instead of two known composite alternatives in the world, TAI General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil and BOREN President Assoc. Dr. The idea proposed by Abdülkerim Yörükoğlu was riveted by the agreement. TAI and BOREN will cooperate in the research and development of "boron fiber composite" material instead of the materials frequently used in the world aviation ecosystem.

Within the scope of the cooperation signed between TUSAŞ and BOREN, it is aimed to develop Boron Fiber Reinforced national composite materials by using Boron mineral, which has a significant amount of reserves in our country. On this occasion, it is aimed to increase the nationality ratio of our aircraft and to have a stronger position in the market with the innovative features of our national products.

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