Turkey Drilling Vessels

Fatih Drilling Ship
Fatih Drilling Ship

Mediterranean Turkey intensifies drilling activities and local production commissioned ship in the Black Sea. Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha in the eastern Mediterranean, Fatih and Yavuz ship with the hydrocarbon seekers Turkey, the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara searchers had also download Oruc Reis seismic research vessel to the eastern Mediterranean.


The first intermediate oil and gas drilling vessel to Turkey 'Conqueror' began their search efforts last year. Fatih made the first drilling in the well named Alanya-30 on October 1th. Then he moved to Finike-1 area for the second drilling, and he continues his drilling work here.


Within the scope of the 'National Energy and Mining Policy', the drilling ship Yavuz, purchased by TPAO in order to increase the exploration and drilling activities in the seas, set out from Kocaeli Dilovası on June 20, stopped by Antalya and Taşucu ports and made the final loading. Later, it reached the Eastern Mediterranean. The ship will start first drilling in Karpaz, in the license area obtained from the TRNC.


The seismographic research ship Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, which entered the inventory for oil and gas exploration in 2013, started seismic exploration activities in the Black Sea region. In 2017, he went to the Mediterranean. The ship is currently conducting exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean.


In 2012, production in South Korea completed the drilling vessel and then brought to Turkey 'Magnificent' name was given. With a total depth of 11 meters and a capacity of 400 meters of drilling, the ship Kanuni was used by the energy company Petrobras in Brazil until 3. Kanuni is also known as the sixth generation ultra offshore drilling ship.


The ship, which started its activities on August 15, 2017 and has 90 percent local design, workmanship and integration, can be seen from Antalya's world-famous Konyaaltı Coast. It can perform geophysical, hydrographic and oceanographic research.

The ship, which is one of the 5-6 fully equipped and multi-purpose research ships in the world, can perform 2 and 3 dimensional seismic, gravity and magnetic geophysical surveys. The ship can perform 8-dimensional seismic operations up to 3 thousand meters deep, and two-dimensional seismic operations up to 15 thousand meters deep.

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