Hyundai i100.000 20 units per year will be produced in Turkey

SOUTH Korean automotive giant Hyundai Motors and Hyundai Assan company Kibar Holding, which is common in Turkey, despite the pandemic began the process of commissioning the new i20 official ceremony today at the Izmit factory production.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank in a ceremony held with the participation, Hyundai Assan will produce the i10 and i20 in Turkey after 3 came on the agenda will be the new SUV models. Authorities stated that the B-SUV model, which will be produced on the i20 platform, but will be completely different, will be activated in March.


Speaking at the ceremony held, Ali Kibar, Chairman of the Board of Hyundai Assan, gave information about the new i20. Kibar said, “We have invested more than 20 million Euros for the new i110 model in the hatchback platform, which was started to be produced. More than 100 thousand units will be produced annually and we aim to export 90 percent of them ”.

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