Real Estate Sector in Turkey Will Improve


Commenting on the Mevzi economist Prof Dr Ahmet Yilmaz, 'Turkey will end in inflation broker, real estate sales and marketing capabilities with PR models and processes volume will increase, "he said

With the Real Estate Trade Regulation, the rules that businesses operating in the real estate branch should bear were determined and the authority document rule was introduced. In this context, with the implementation of the application, the real estate sector will start to do business with a new definition and will become a branch where economists will feel the burden. In the branch where unregistered workers will be disabled, the tax collection potential of the state will also increase.

Turkey would end up in the classic emlakçılıg, indicating the real estate sales and marketing department in western countries as it would turn into a format that can make the whole professional economist Prof Dr Ahmet Yilmaz made the following valuable analysis

Real estate is one of the most valuable exchange tools of finance and this job is a valuable commercial consultancy activity that should be done by individuals with expert documentation. Real estate consultancy is among the most prestigious professions in Western countries. Turkey also in terms of this branch of law to be under a certain discipline will be a very valuable part from before the beginning. Consumers will work only with authorized consultants to acquire real estate suitable for their needs, and will take an advantageous position before the law, economically and socially. Turkey will end in inflation broker

The words 'If you have a customer, bring them, we do not do authorization and contracts' will no longer have any validity. For; Since real estate consultants can not be involved in any real estate activity related to real estate, showing a place, publishing announcements, marketing, getting a deposit, bringing customers, preparing contracts, they should definitely give sales authorization.

The most prominent issue of the new era will be the Real Estate PR model. The period of entering the announcement, hanging the canvas and waiting for the customer to call will be ineffective, the process volume of alternative marketing tools will increase at least 16 times compared to classical techniques. Property owners and construction companies should prefer the Real Estate PR model applied in western countries if they want to sell their real estate in the fastest and most valuable form.

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