Turkey Launches 7 month 5 Billion Car Sales

According to the information obtained from the records of the Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB), passenger car exports during the January-July period had a share of 39,3 percent in the total foreign sales of the automotive industry. In this process, the automotive branch, which made the most foreign sales to France, sent works worth 829 million 836 thousand dollars to this country.

 511 million 764 thousand dollars worth of exports were made to Germany, which ranked second after France. Foreign sales to England were recorded as 452 million 366 thousand dollars.

Departmental representatives, Italy 434 million 168 thousand, Spain 374 million 544 thousand, Israel 259 million 579 thousand, Belgium 229 million 983 thousand, Slovenia 226 million 882 thousand, Poland 212 million 849 thousand realized a dollar export.

 200 out of 9 countries to which Dalin exported more than $ 8 million in the January-July period were European countries.


There was a significant increase in foreign sales to Egypt, which is among the leading countries in passenger car exports in the last period. Exports to this country rose from $ 7 million 74,7 thousand to $ 100 million 497 thousand, with an increase of 175 percent in the January-July period compared to the first 629 months of last year.

Over 100 million dollars were exported to Sweden and the USA.


In the first 2019 months of 7, 10 million 815 thousand dollars of passenger cars were sent to Saudi Arabia, and this year it was 263 million 39 thousand dollars with an increase of 267 percent in the same period.

Exports to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) also increased by 255,8 percent. It was determined that 26 million 681 thousand dollars of exports were made to this country in the period of January-July.

Foreign sales to Czechia, one of the valuable markets of Dalin, increased by 90 percent from 13 million 740 thousand dollars to 26 million 98 thousand dollars.

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