TEBER-82 Laser Guidance Kit Delivery to Turkish Armed Forces

Turkish Defense Industry President İsmail Demir announced to TSK that a new TEBER-82 Laser Guidance Kit was delivered. "We have made a new delivery of our TEBER-82 guidance kits developed by Roketsan," Demir said in his statement on his social media account twitter. gave expressions.

TEBER Guidance Kit

TEBER is a laser guidance kit that is integrated in MK-81 and MK-82 general purpose bombs in order to increase the hit ability. TEBER turns general purpose bombs into a smart weapon system using the Inertial Measurement Unit (MOU), the Global Positioning System (KKS) and the Semi-Active Laser Seeker Head (LAB).

TEBER tail section consists of Inertial Measurement Unit (MOU) and Global Positioning System (KKS) that will provide precise guidance and can be integrated into the bomb very quickly by the user in the field. In addition to providing stability and buoyancy, the liners on the bomb body provide high maneuverability during the terminal guidance phase.

TEBER's modular design provides economical and innovative features. Desired on the nose of the bombs zamThe semi-active Laser Seeker Head (LAB), which can be attached at any time, provides the weapon system with precision strike capability against moving targets. There is also an option to add a proximity sensor to the Laser Seeker (LAB) section. In addition, the tail section provides convenience to the user in terms of logistics with its ability to recognize the bombs with which it is integrated.


Guidance Modes Only AÖB AÖB + KKS AÖB + KKS + LAB AÖB + LAB
Warhead MK-81, MK-82
Seeker Laser Seeker Header (LAB)
Approach Sensor 2-15m
Range (Min, Max) 2-28 km
Maneuverability ± 3g
Moving Target Ability <50 km / h
Weight (TEBER-82, TEBER-81) ~ 270 kg (595 lb), ~ 155 kg (345 lb)
Length (TEBER-82, TEBER-81) 2.65m (104 ″), 2.1m (81.5 ″)

Producer: ROKETSAN

Platforms: F-16 Blok 40, F-4 2020

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed with Airbus by ROKETSAN, integration work for Armed Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance Aircraft version C295 Armed ISR was also carried out.

TEBER, which continues its integration studies for ANKA Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SİHA), is expected to be used in Akıncı SİHA, which is expected to have a payload capacity of 900 kg.

Source: defanceturk

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