The Wait of Turkish Warships in Kaş Continues

for research of Turkey's Oruc Reis seismic research vessel in the eastern Mediterranean will make NAVTEX Following the declaration, the expectations of the Turkish war ships coming to Antalya's Kaş district continues.

One of the two frigates of the Turkish Naval Forces in the region is constantly waiting in Limanağzı Bay, just across the town of Kaş. If one zaman zamthe moment the course comes out. The two warships are constantly changing their guard while waiting in Limanağzı. The Turkish warship waiting in Limanağzı was decorated with flags last night. Kaşlılar waking up in the morning saw the Turkish warship decorated with flags. The ship has been waiting for the last 4 days without leaving its place.

The Greek frigate in front of Meis Island is still waiting in the Meis Harbor. Greek warship, on Mondays and Tuesdays, when supplies and cruise ships arrived from Rhodes Island zamthe moment is out of port.

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