The New Target of the Turkish Construction Sector Montenegro

The gateway to Europe: Montenegro: Montenegro continues to attract attention in both tourism and investment.

Representatives of the construction industry, one of the locomotive sectors of our country, are doing successful work all over the world. The construction sector in the Middle East, then turned to face the Republic of Turkey to Europe. Montenegro, the gateway of the Balkans to Europe, continues to attract the attention of Turkish investors.

Trade target of 250 million euros

who also hosted by the year 2019 to more than 3 thousand Turkish companies in Montenegro and Turkey's annual trade target of € 250 million. It is stated that Turks mostly operate in the fields of consultancy, trade and tourism, and large investments have been made in the field of construction.

Gani Uğur Bozel, CEO of Maya Montenegro, who built a luxury apartment in Tivat and stated that the Montenegrin government has a positive attitude towards investors, said, “In our assessment with the perspective of opening up to Europe, we decided that Montenegro is the most suitable country for investment and so far the government and the officials showed their support in all matters ”.

Turkey's direct contribution to exports

2, 5 million euro from realized investments with Montenegro project in Bayview Hills All materials will be below that draws from Turkey Ugur Gani Bozel, "mainly Turkish nationals constitute the project's workforce. However, not only as labor, all the materials we use to introduce by bringing people from Turkey and Montenegro with the quality of the Turkish brand aimed to provide both direct and positive contribution to export Turkey. We believe that many investors who are introduced to the quality of Turkish materials will also prefer Turkish brands. " he spoke.

Maya aimed at the installation contracting business in Europe Montenegro, continues to work to bring all the voices of Turkey's European identity expert on construction.

Not Only Buying Housing, Same ZamYou are currently investing in Tourism

Montenegro (Montenegro), the 1-2-day stop of Balkan travels, continues to increase its share in the European tourism pie for the last 5 years. With its 6-month sea season, Montenegro, which is in demand from cold European countries, also hosts sea tourism lovers with its developed marinas. Bozel, taking into account the increasing touristic activities in the Bayview Hills Montenegro project, with the application called "Luxury Serviced Apartment Complex", which attracts a lot of attention in the world, both our hosts zamThey will be able to use their apartments with the comfort of 5-star hotel service and they will zamThey will be able to make a profit by renting in euros at the moment. " he spoke.

With its historical and natural beauties, many regions of Montenegro, which have been taken under protection by Unesco, is known as the favorite of investors from 110 different countries thanks to its geostrategic location, its relations with the European Union reaching its final stage and providing equal conditions with domestic investors. - Hibya

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