Day 4 Highlights at TransAnatolia

In the motorcycle category, the first three did not change on the fourth day. Xavier de Soultrait, who kept the general classification first place, took the first place with a total of 12 hours 17 minutes 7 seconds. Adrien Van Beveren, on the other hand, could not change the rankings even though he had the most sufficient time in the first stage of the day and kept his second place with 12 hours 26 minutes 49 seconds. Allessandro Botturi, who reduced the difference in the middle to 56 seconds with the third Jacopo Cerutti, is trying to find a place in the top three.

In the Quad category, Israfil Akyüz kept his first place with a total of 21 hours 54 minutes 01 seconds, although he was behind in both stages. While Erkan Uzlaş was the second, the striking name of the day was Yusuf Sayar who completed the strong Bolkar stage in the first place.

Çağdaş Çağlar & Ertuğrul Danişment, who finished first in both stages of the day in the SSV category, continues to widen the gap with its rivals with a total of 19 hours 12 minutes and 5 seconds. Necati Şahin & Armağan Şahin team, who had technical problems the day before, managed to rise to the second rank again at the end of the day.

The surprise group of the day in the car category was Murat Kamil Altun and Ergün Örentel of Becce Motorsports, who finished first in both special stages. However, this success was not enough to carry the team to the top. At the end of the fourth day, the ranking did not change and Ahmet Bağce & Mert Zirve from the IXCO Racing team maintained its leadership with a total of 16 hours 55 minutes 50 seconds, while Tolga Yılmaz & Ebru Demirbay Erişti group took the second place.

On the fifth day of TransAnatolia, the racers take the return route with the special stages of Obruk Plateau and Salt Lake.

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