Toyota: SCT Bases Updated Is Positive


With the decision of the President published in the Official Gazette, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance made arrangements on the basis of engine cylinder volume ranges and Special Consumption Tax bases in order to reduce automobile imports, which have a high level of negative impact on the current account deficit. 

In his written statement on the subject, Bozkurt stated that he positively evaluated the fact that the SCT bases, which have not been updated since 2018, were finally updated.

However, while the base and rate updates caused price increases in the upper and luxury segments, they saw that the middle and lower segments were not affected much, Bozkurt said, "From what we understand, it is seen that it is aimed to support especially locally produced vehicles and reduce the sales of imported and luxury vehicles." used the expression. 

Stating that the current tax system should now be changed, Bozkurt said, as they have said from the very beginning:

“This system, which has been designed only according to the motor volume and base scale, which causes many discussions, needs to be updated frequently. In addition, it is a system that lacks support for developing automobile technologies. It remains an out-of-date practice to charge more or less tax on a car only based on engine size and base price.

With a new tax system that follows developing technologies, it is necessary to establish a tax system that will support the citizens to access vehicles equipped with newer technologies without causing tax losses, regardless of the engine volume. "

SCT rate and base changed in automobile purchase

With the Decree of the President, the SCT rate in luxury imported cars was increased in order to reduce the imports of passenger vehicles, which adversely affected the current account deficit and to support the domestic manufacturer, while the prices in this segment are expected to decrease with the tax base increase in the categories of domestic cars. - News7

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