TOTAL and M Oil Continues to Grow!


Consolidating five publicly-held cement companies under the roof of 'OYAK Cement' in May 2020, OYAK's last breakthrough focused on efficiency and profitability was towards its power cluster.

While OYAK protected its TOTAL and M Oil brands, Hoş Güç Akaryakıt A.Ş. has decided to merge all operations related to these brands under the trade name.

Turkey's largest occupational pension fund OYAK, 2020, subsequent to the merger carried out in the cement section in May, sustainable growth strategy and in line with the purposes of the power section TOTAL and M Oil stations, nice power combined legal personality under the name.

Gebze, Aliaga, Tekirdag M.Ereglisi, Ankara, Yarımca and Samsun, a total of 550 thousand cubic meters of capacity of fuel and LPG facilities and Izmir as well as the lube oil plant in Cigli, Turkey station more than 900 across under a single legal personality TOTAL and M Oil It will continue its activities as two different brands.

In the framework of sectoral diversity and growth, OYAK, which has increased the opportunities in mineral oil and non-fuel services as well as fuel and autogas, consolidated its fuel companies under a single roof with the aim of being one of the players in the power division with high performance and efficiency.

Standing out with the value it creates in the segments it operates in, the use of savings opportunities and its strong balance sheet structure; In addition to renewing the dealer contracts, the company added 33 new stations to its structure, reaching a 6,5 percent market share in the fuel distribution segment. The aim of the end of the year is to open new stations and increase customer satisfaction with a variety of services and works.

Fazilet: "Mergers will carry OYAK to the future"

Süleyman Savaş Fazilet, OYAK General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Hoş Güç Akaryakıt A.Ş, underlined that they continue to work with truth attacks for the welfare of the country and its members in this period, which they call “the period of determination”.

Stating that OYAK focuses on operating in strategic branches that will contribute to the goals of the national economy and guide the financial markets between countries, Fazilet said that they have built all their operations on this awareness. Fazilet continued his words as follows:

“In the past months, we said, 'We have drawn a new horizon for the future of our group' by uniting our five cement companies under one roof. Today, with a strong purchase, in the fuel branch that we call "we are here too"; Focusing on savings, efficiency, profitability and rapid growth, we have united our two brands under one roof. Thanks to this merger, we will increase our competitive power by managing our companies with a more active and holistic approach. Our companies; By bringing it to a technology-oriented structure that learns from each other, with high operational efficiency, we will go further with the resulting alliance. We firmly believe that the synergy that will arise from mergers in both cement and fuel fields will carry OYAK to the future.


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