Tesla S and Porsche Taycan Turbo S Drag Race


One of the most talked about bets among electric car enthusiasts is which car more performance is that. One of the pioneers of this section Tesla Although it is the best known name, classic car manufacturers have started to challenge them now.

Porsche to the electric car market Taycan had logged in with the model. The model also managed to achieve great success in a short time. no longer Taycan Turbo S Tesla's speed-focused model Model S came across the final version of the tool.

Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S drag race

Porsche in the races Taycan Turbo S s Tesla Model While facing the S, the latest Tesla update, the Cheetah Stance, was also installed. The two cars faced off in various drag efforts.

Taycan Turbo S from vehicles, 761 horsepower It is known as a model with power and 1050 Nm traction. Moreover, it is also slightly heavier than Tesla Model S. If Tesla Model S 825 horsepower power and an impressive traction of 1300 Nm.

Although on the first take off Tesla Although it is more advantageous after reaching a speed of 180 kilometers per hour Taycan He caught and left his opponent behind each time. The efforts of the two cars took place in four different stages in total.

Taycan Turbo S Est Passed

In the first place standard drag race Taycan simply earned this effort while doing it. Upon this Tesla Model S It was also switched to other suspension and height settings for drag. Although the Model S is a little more resilient in this form, it has once again lagged behind the Taycan.

Home to 50 km per hour both from a close point 110 km per hour In the races started from the point Taycan it simply outperformed its opponent. Although the Tesla Model S reacts more quickly, it fell far behind its rival in reaching the highest speed.

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