Tesla Autopilot Technology Has Been Renewed

Tesla began distributing a new version of the autopilot system software for its electric cars. The 2020.36 update brings a number of useful features to the vehicles.

Green light warning feature has also arrived

Tesla's electric cars have so far been informing drivers about the speed limit based on navigation data and available road maps. With the new update, Tesla cars will now use built-in cameras to read speed limit signs that appear along the road and provide drivers with the latest speed limit information.

Also, with the update, the green light warning feature was activated. Now, drivers will be alerted by Tesla when the traffic lights they stop in front of them turn green. It should also be noted that the software update will be offered gradually to all Tesla owners. Tesla managed to surpass analysts' claims by selling 3 of the Model 80.050 sedans and Model S and 10.600 of the more precious Model X in the second quarter of this year.


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