Tesla Switches to New Sensor Technology

Electric car manufacturer as CEO of Elon Musk Teslais planning to add a new feature that may sound strange at first, but quite functional. New especially together vehicle in forgotten çocuklarcan be detected through sensors.

"How can a person forget his child in the car?" You might think, however, this is a very important problem. Especially hot yaz in the months children being locked in the vehicle for hours can result in lousy form.

Tesla awaits approval for new feature

According to official statistics, in both 2018 and 2019 years, More than 50 children he lost his life. More than half of these cases are due to the child being left behind in the vehicle.

Tesla, which develops new sensors to add to its vehicles to solve this problem, is currently in the USA. From the Federal Connection Board (FCC) asks for approval for the new system. The child in the stationary vehicle can be detected by using millimeter radar sensors to operate the system.

At this point, compared to Reuters, Tesla's new technology has millimeter wave sensors. of laws permit that you gave The company must obtain the approval of the Federal Affiliate Committee as it will be upgraded to higher power levels.

If allowed, Tesla argues that this technology can be more effective than camera systems in preventing precedent deaths. With this technology compared to the electric car manufacturer, it will be possible to notice children under soft materials such as blankets. Thus, children forgotten in the vehicle will be detected and unwanted consequences can be prevented.

However, the new system proposed by Tesla, heartbeat smileys There will be no confusion in the middle of a small child forgotten on the back of the vehicle and a teddy bear. According to what was reported, Tesla made its application late last month. If FCC To 21 September 2020 until will decide on Tesla's request.

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