Tesla Shares Above 2.000 USD

Elon MuskTesla, the electric car manufacturer owned by the company, managed to reach fairly reasonable sales numbers with the multiple electric car models it launched. Tesla, which sold 90 thousand 650 vehicles in the second quarter of the year, had succeeded in exceeding the expectations of 72 thousand.

Indices that started the day with a decline with unemployment pension applications in the USA over 1 million again increased, led by the truth technology shares. Shares of companies such as Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Alphabet and Microsoft earned more than 2 percent.

The share price of the electric car manufacturer Tesla increased by 6,5 percent for the first time to over 2 thousand dollars.


Tesla's shares have increased by 1 percent, from $ 250 to $ 2.000 in the last year. In addition, the company shares, which increased to $ 800 in the past days, broke a new record.

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