Technology That Extends Engine Life

In fan system technology zamCleanfix, which prolongs the life of construction machines by saving moment and fuel, is among the world's giants with its working performance.

Germany-based Cleanfix Fan Systems continues to make a name for itself with its success in construction machines used in many different sectors all over the world. One of the most common problems in high performance work machines; Overheating problem experienced in long-running machines. With the technology it has developed, the Cleanfix Fan System provides cleaning within the machine with the opposite movement of the blades inside the propeller rotating around its axis. zamIt now extends its useful life. Preventing overheating problem, Cleanfix prevents engine fatigue with the cooling process it provides in long-term work machines. Same zamCleanfix, which significantly reduces maintenance and cleaning costs in construction equipment, provides an ergonomic working area especially for construction equipment operators. Cleanfix eliminates the need to turn on and off the engine due to heat, and is unique in the world with its working model.

It saves money

The production machines using Cleanfix fan system surged stressed Celanfix Turkey General Manager Helena's coach, "construction in areas machines of the Cleanfix fan system covers all devices used in the agriculture and municipal affairs. Cleanfix prevents heat and engine fatigue in the machines used in the agricultural field. zamthe moment helps to quickly collect products while both zamIt saves time and also from fuel. Since it provides high performance work in construction machinery, it increases the quality of daily work. The most important feature of the fan system we use is that the blades rotating inside the propeller can also clean the devices themselves by rotating them around their own axis. In this way, the dirt inside the engine is prevented and it is ensured to be long-lasting ”.

Business efficiency is at the forefront

Underlining that they have no equivalent in the world market, Koç said, “Cleanfix fan systems are the only fan systems in the world with a patent and an award. Our system also used in many market areas in Turkey zamWhen we evaluated the feedback coming in the moment, we determined that they contribute to the workforce, fuel saving and long life of use. When we examine our products, which are tried on every land type, in accordance with the quality control standards, after going through many trials in the world, the results we have reached are pleasing. "Our biggest aim here is to contribute to the workforce and extend the life of the devices by selecting the appropriate size fan system according to the usage areas."

Source: Hibya News Agency

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