Steam it with Poor Tolero


Facilitating life with kitchen group products, Fakir Hausgeräte's Tolero steam cooker makes it practical to cook healthy and nutritious foods.

Organic nutrition, which has become a trend all over the world in recent years, is one of the most important issues, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Experts underline the importance of consuming organic fruits and vegetables in their season. But besides paying attention to organic nutrition, cooking method is one of the most important aspects that determine how much you can benefit from these foods. A healthy cooking method stands out as the key to healthy foods.   

The most preferred method of steaming is to cook foods in a healthy way without losing their color, odor, vitamin-mineral values, pulp and aroma. With this method, maximum benefit is obtained from the food and the oil consumption is minimized. In addition, the losses of B, C group vitamins and minerals that are soluble in water are prevented by boiling in water or by normal cooking.

Fakir Hausgeräte's Tolero steamer allows vegetables to be cooked while preserving their natural taste and nutritional value. You can easily cook all vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, artichokes, peas, zucchini, black-eyed peas, potatoes, beans, broad beans, chard and tomatoes in the 1000 W Fakir Tolero. It is also possible to cook some fish and eggs. Fakir Tolero, which has a capacity of 9,9 L and 3 steam cooking baskets, provides a qualified cooking method without creating any droplets by creating quality steam. In this way, the colors and taste of foods do not deteriorate. You can easily prepare and store delicious pilaf in a 1,2 L rice bowl. The steam created by the water you fill in the 1,5 L capacity water reservoir on the bottom floor ensures healthy cooking of your food. While the product can be used safely with its stainless steel surface, it has the feature of adding water during cooking if the steam is low. 60 minutes when you leave your meal to cook zamWith the moment setting, you can spare time for your other work.

The softness of the vegetables cooked by steaming makes them easy to digest and provides a long-term feeling of satiety. Poor Tolero provides great convenience for those who prefer healthy and organic nutrition.

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