Troubled Takata Airbags

Approximately 2 thousand 750 tons were stored in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, in the city's port. ammonium nitrate had exploded. Ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive chemical, is used to swell and create a small explosion in the event of an accident. Takata It is also used as a driving force in branded airbags.

For this reason, in recent times, the largest in US history from your recalls millions of vehicles, one of which is experienced and related to brands such as Audi, BMW, Honda, Daimler Vans, Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen, airbags about to be replaced was recalled.

A former consultant of Takata, equipped with the company's defective airbags millions says the car is still on the road. Jerry Cox, a lawyer who previously worked for Takata, is in cars of people all over the country. ammonium nitrate He says that the issue is still in an explosive state.

Covering 2013 car manufacturers since 19, according to the National Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 63 million Takata The branded airbag is recalled. In air bags pusher power It was found that the ammonium nitrate issue used as a product was particularly susceptible to explosion in hot and humid conditions and to spray metal shrapnel into the vehicle cabin.

Years ago, Takata said it would keep the ammonium nitrate solution dry and reduce the likelihood of it falling into a situation that, when activated, could cause a dangerous explosion. desiccant He announced that he would add the issues to the inflators.

Takata airbags are cited as the official responsible for 16 mails and at least 250 injuries in the USA alone and 25 deaths worldwide. Japanese manufacturer that has previously provided a contract with NHTSA, 1 billion dollar he agreed to pay compensation.

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