SkyDrive Flying Car

Tokyo-based Japanese company "SkyDrive" has become one of the executors of "flying car" projects around the world. During the drive on the Toyota test track open to the press on Friday, the single-driver flying car with propellers took off about 2 meters from the ground and hovered in the air for an average of 4 minutes. SkyDrive, a company supported by Toyota, also announced that its flying car, called the single-seat SD-03, is powered by electricity.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa, who heads the SkyDrive initiative, told the press that he hoped the "flying car" would become a daily artifact by 2023. “Out of more than 100 flying car projects in the world, only a handful of them flew with the driver,” Fukuzawa said.

Fukuzawa stated that the vehicle can stay in the air for 5 to 10 minutes in the air, but if it is developed to stay in the air for half an hour, it has the potential to send to other countries, including China.

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