Skoda Kamiq price flew!

Rotating ads on our side for a long time and eventually the country will come to Turkey Skoda Kamiqis highly appreciated for its design and features. Another aspect that attracted attention as well as the features of the vehicle was its price because it was expected to be offered for sale as more valuable. In this sense, what makes a surprise Skodapresented the latest SUV model to our country at a more affordable price. Skoda KamiqEntered the market with prices starting from 197.500 TL. However, as with every SUV model, the latest consumers were quickly unable to supply this car.

Skoda Kamiq also fell into the hands of the gallery owners! The price flew!

Those who want to buy the vehicle, Skoda when he goes to his authorized dealer Kamiq They are faced with the information that the model is running out. While it is stated that new cars are also sold, it may be necessary to wait until November for the next batch. In this sense, customers who cannot get a random price fixing guarantee also have to return to their residences empty-handed. From Turkey to 197.500 entering the market Skoda KamiqWhen we take a look at the prices of the various sites, we are even more surprised.

Vehicles that were previously purchased by gallery owners and individuals who buy and sell are currently offered for sale for at least TL 270.000. When we look at the price difference in the middle, we see that this means that the real consumer who wants to buy the vehicle has 70.000 TL more money out of his pocket. It is obvious that this is a big problem for the end consumer and consumers expect this problem to be solved as soon as possible.

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