14-year History of Samsung TVs

Offering consumers experiences that were difficult to imagine in the past with its TVs, Samsung has maintained a strong position in the leadership position in the global TV market for 14 consecutive years. We are in an age of experience in which personalized technologies complement consumer needs, devices define consumers as individuals, thus eliminating the ends between the digital world and the physical world. The TVs developed by Samsung, the world's leading technology brand, with this vision, bring original experiences that were difficult to imagine in the past into the lives of consumers.

The evolution of TVs developed by Samsung over the years clearly reveals how much the brand has pushed the boundaries. Making an average of $ 38 billion R&D investments annually in 20,2 R&D centers around the world and developing its works in 7 Design Centers, Samsung has been the president of the global TV market for 14 years in a row with its works that shape the future and make people's lives easier.

Thanks to the technologies developed by Samsung, now TVs bring unprecedented innovations with customizability and ease of use. Samsung is also pioneering a new era in which TVs suitable for the lifestyles of individuals dominate, thanks to the innovative TVs that Samsung has brought to dwellings not only in terms of technical features but also in terms of design and aesthetics.

"With Samsung TVs, we offer consumers experiences that were difficult to imagine in the past"

Making a statement about the subject Turkey Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Vice Leader of Sales and Marketing Merten Gursoy“New concepts such as artificial intelligence, the internet of objects, the cloud, big information, robotics, learning machines, which we could see in science fiction cinemas about 10 years ago, have now become a part of our life. Samsung's innovations in all these areas with the vision of "inspire the world, shape the future" are made with the ambition of a more adequate life for all of us. In this context, we have expanded the ends of freedom more than ever with its modular designs and associated features in televisions. We lead the branch with design works that eliminate the black screen in your living room, new works that allow you to experience portable content on the big screen with pleasure, and 16K televisions that offer 8 times more convenient views than old televisions. said. 

In 2006, the first foundation of the future TVs was laid

Having achieved over a million sales success with The Bordeaux LCD TV, which it launched in 2006, Samsung made its argument in this market by launching the LCD TV with environmentally friendly dual injection technology in 2007. next to the vibrant colors he zamIt has added a television that is 3/1 thinner than the current TVs into our lives. In 2010, the brand, which brought 3D support to its LED TVs, announced its first smart television when the date showed 2011, enabling users to control content on their televisions as well as on their computers. Samsung Smart TVs (Samsung Smart TV) almost helped students during the period of distance education due to the coronavirus. With the internet browser powered by Samsung's Tizen operating system, students have the opportunity to access all content from a single page while watching the lessons much more efficiently thanks to the convenience brought by the big screen.

Introducing the first curved Samsung television in 2014, Samsung dramatically changed the TV's form factor. While quantum technology entered our residences through SUHD TVs in 2016, these TVs once again attracted attention with their new display technologies offering 64 times more colors and 2,5 times brighter screens. With the QLED screen technology developed in 2017, while Samsung brought the high resolution, color and brightness experience of the Quantum era in the television industry to consumers, QLED screens have now become the new foundation of television technology. Samsung QLEDs broke a new era in 2018 by providing 8K landscape quality. With 4K, which offers an incredible resolution 4 times higher than 16K UHD and 8 times higher than FHD, a very new dimension of reality is coming to the residences so viewers can experience every scene in great detail that they can almost touch.

New models suitable for individual life style continue to mark the TV world

When we come to the present, Samsung continues its innovative work as it was in the past. The Frame, The Serif, Sero, The Wall It once again sets the rules in the TV world with its new models suitable for the individual life style.

Within the work family of Samsung "The Frame" It gives you the opportunity to display more than 1.200 works of art in your home as a picture frame when turned off, while a television decorated with QLED Technology when turned on. Walnut, beige, black and white frame options provide a nice harmony to your living spaces, while maintaining a systematic and minimalist appearance, it comes with "Invisible Thin Relation Cable" and "Zero Wall Mounting Apparatus".

Samsung The Serif model On the other hand, while the TV is turned off, it turns the blank screen into special patterns as a nice leaf and a textured fabric. Each zamDesigned to be sharper and more sophisticated than the current and does not compromise on landscape quality, The Serif raises the design aesthetics of living spaces and exhibits one of the smoothest image quality performances in its class with QLED technology just like The Frame.

For millennium and generation Z consumers Sero's screen orientation technology also seamlessly communicates with users' portable devices to display content in a neat and natural form in traditional horizontal formats and vertical formats designed for portable use. Consumers can enjoy a variety of content, including social media, YouTube and other individual images, with the image that mirrors their portable device.

For consumers who demand different customizable screen sizes "The Wall" stands out as a clear analysis. With modular TV technology, The Wall offers the best image quality in its class with its 150Nit brightness, while square modular modules that come out just like a puzzle allow the creation of huge screens up to 5000 ”.

Unmatched reality: QLED 8K

Pioneering the TV world with its new models suitable for the individual life style, Samsung, the 2020 model QLED 8K and brings the unique reality to the dwellings of the audience. Thanks to the superior technologies used in these TVs, which turn ordinary days into extraordinary discoveries, viewers can enjoy the excitement of every moment. Also, with the 8K AI Upgrade feature, viewers can convert anything they love to 8K. QLED uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered machine-collecting technology to reduce noise in landscapes, bring back lost details, and even harden corners around objects and text. So viewers can now enjoy all content in 8K resolution.

OTS + (Object Tracking Audio +) while the sound follows the movement of objects on the screen, zamIt flows more dynamically than before. With its large number of built-in speakers and technology, OTS + activates the internal speakers in that area compared to the movement of the objects, providing a completely realistic and three-dimensional sound experience. Direct Full Array (Direct Backlight) Thanks to higher contrast for light and dark scenes, even the finest details in cinemas are captured. In addition, Art Light Zone Inspection creates an incredible depth in images with the most accurate black tones in cinemas. AVA + (Active Sound Amplifier), It detects distracting noises in real time and then automatically amplifies the volume, giving clarity to the sounds and dialogue on the TV. An innovation for games with 15,4 ms input lag, FreeSync and motion smoothness free of image vibrations, freezes, tears. Real Game EnhancerIt makes the game experience perfect by improving the scenery and sound compared to the different stage features of the games.

In addition to all these technologies, these TVs, which offer an "Infinity Display" with a screen ratio of 99 percent to create an unprecedented viewing experience, are equipped with 8K Quantum Processor with artificial intelligence. This processor also powers Tizen, Samsung's open smart residential platform, allowing users to experience everything from enhanced landscape quality to the availability of other connected residential functions. Built-in 8K artificial intelligence with deep learning capability can automatically upscale non-8K content to an intact and realistic 8K resolution. - Hibya News Agency

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