Fieldwork Around Salda Lake

Burdur Governor Ali Arslantaş, together with Mehmet Ali Kahraman, General Manager of Conservation of Natural Assets, and the delegation of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, to conduct fieldwork in line with the opinions and suggestions expressed at the meeting held last week on the "Principles of Protection and Use of Lake Salda" and the decision taken. They made an on-site inspection around Salda Lake.

During the field study, Governor Arslantaş and General Manager Kahraman were given to the General Directorate of Protection of Natural Assets, Investment Projects Department. Dr. Mr. Dr. İskender Gülle, Nature Conservation and National Parks 6th Regional Director Mahmut Temel, Environment and Urbanization Provincial Director Murat Alaçatlı, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Abdullah Kılıç, Burdur Forest Management Manager Sefa Karataş and Burdur Amateur Sports Clubs Federation President Nuri Yıldırım accompanied him.

Governor Arslantaş, who chaired the meeting on the "Principles of Conservation and Use of Salda Lake", which was held with the wide participation of representatives from all segments of the society in order to evaluate what needs to be done to leave Salda Lake to the next generations in the best way, and to exchange views, today, In line with the decision taken at the meeting last week, together with the delegation from the Ministry of Urbanization, he made an on-site inspection of Salda Lake and its surroundings to make fieldwork.

The delegation, who started the field study from the Ski Center road, examined the Lake and its surroundings from this road, which sees Salda Lake as a bird's eye view.

Subsequently, the delegation visited the lake's surroundings and made a mutual evaluation on the issues raised in the meeting.

Governor Arslantaş, in his evaluation about the field study they conducted; In the Salda Lake meeting, which was held personally with a wide participation, with the thought that each opinion and suggestion would be important and valuable, he stated that they carried out field work around Salda Lake together with the delegation from our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to evaluate the topics discussed.

He emphasized that the priorities of the works carried out in close coordination with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, with great environmental sensitivity, are to carry this unique heritage to the next generations in the best way by preserving its natural state in the balance of conservation and use of Salda Lake and its Environment.

Stating that all the opinions and suggestions expressed at the meeting were resolved and turned into a report, Governor Arslantaş stated that in addition to the field work they carried out today in line with this report, the report will be presented to our Minister of Environment and Urbanization at the first opportunity.

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