Belarus will be the first country to receive Russia's coronavirus vaccine

It was announced that the first country to receive the coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V developed in Russia will be Belarus. In a statement from the press office of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko, it was stated in the telephone conversation between Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin that it was decided that Belarus would receive the vaccine first.  
In a statement made by the press office, it was decided that the citizens of Belarus will voluntarily take the stage in the third stage. Thus, Belarus will be the first country to import the vaccine from Russia ”. 

However, experts doubt the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. The vaccine developed by the Russians consists of two serotypes of the human adenovirus. Both serotypes contain S-antigens of the novel coronavirus. 

Antigens enter cells and produce an immune response. The vaccine is administered in two doses. The Russians claim that the vaccine will provide protection for up to two years. However, no solid scientific evidence has been produced on this subject. Its effectiveness on risk groups is also unknown. 

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