Russian National Cycling Team at Kayseri Erciyes Camp


The Russian National Cycling Team continues their training in the fresh air at the Cycling High Altitude Camp Center, which has been built on Mount Erciyes.

Investments in Erciyes, which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts began to bear fruit. The Bicycle High Altitude Camping Center, which was started to be built 4 years ago, also hosts athletes from the national level.

Erciyes AŞ Chairman Murat Cahid Cıngı, who noted that investments were made in Erciyes Mountain with serious budgets, said, “As it is known, the Erciyes Master Plan, which was made by our Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality to Erciyes Mountain with very serious budgets and a significant effort, not only serves winter tourism, but also our city, It is rapidly advancing towards continuing to produce economic and social value for our region and country for four seasons. The main goal of Erciyes, especially from the spring months after the ski season was over, was to attract guests to our mountain with sports camps in branches such as cycling, football, basketball, volleyball, handball and track and field and host professionals here.

The Bicycle High Altitude Camp Center work we started about 4 years ago has yielded very satisfying fruits. In the 2019 season, we hosted 17 cycling teams from 25 countries in Erciyes. While there will be a serious explosion this year, unfortunately, it was postponed due to the pandemic, but still, dozens of professional cycling athletes from many countries are currently doing a high altitude camp in Erciyes ”.

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