Rolls-Royce Premiere Next-Generation Ghost in September

The next generation car of the luxury automaker comes with advanced technology with an evolutionary design that preserves its classic elements.

Preparing to remove the cover of its new car in September, the brand also released its 4th and final promotional video about the new features of the vehicle.

This time, the acoustic experts of the brand describe the comprehensive process they call the Serenity Formula as follows;

The acoustic team started by adapting the proprietary aluminum space truss architecture to the model to achieve an absolute sense of calm. This architecture itself offers advantages due to the higher acoustic resistance of metal compared to steel.

To isolate the cabin from the near-silent 6.75-liter V12 engine, a double-layered compartment was created. The voids in the roof and trunk floor were filled with more than 100 kg of sound absorbing material. In addition, double-glazed windows with a transparent composite middle layer and tires covered with light acoustic insulation foam were used. Even the interior of the air conditioning ducts has been softened to isolate customers from disturbing noises.

However, in early tests, the acoustics team found that removing all noise was confusing. Their solution was to create a “whisper”, a soft undertone that customers experienced as a single, thin note. To achieve this, each component had to be tuned to a common resonant frequency. This task, along with acoustically tuned damping units for the seat frames, created a series of attachment points between the cabin and the large 500-liter trunk to achieve a frequency consistent with the new Ghost's 'note'.

“The outstanding acoustic quality of the new Ghost is the result of significant engineering advances and meticulous attention to detail, truly powered by the brand's proprietary aluminum architecture,” said Tom Davis-Reason, new Ghost Acoustic Engineering Leader. There's no way we could create such acoustically refined environment using a steel platform. '' used the expressions.

The hull-camouflaged prototype of the next-generation Ghost has been tested on public roads for some time. Rolls-Royce's CEO is described by Torsten Muller-Otvos as "the purest expression of Rolls-Royce ever", with a design claimed to reflect a new trend.

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