Roketsan Space Technologies Center Opened

Highlights from President Erdoğan's speech;

  • We claim the Great Victory with the same enthusiasm as we protect Malazgirt.
  • As much as Malazgirt is ours, Fetih, Çanakkale, Dumlupınar and Sakarya are ours.
  • Those who divide among our common values ​​are the poor ones who have lost their ties with this country.
  • Turkey has in the past allowed prisoners abroad in a deliberate manner in the defense industry.
  • We are one of the first 3-4 countries in the world in the production of İha and Siha. We also successfully carry out cross-border operations.
  • In particular, we are never willing to supply products that we can produce from abroad.
  • Founded by the late President Turgut Özal in 1988, Roketsan is one of the biggest supporters of Mehmetçi with the weapons and ammunition it produces.
  • Roketsan's product; It is necessary to open a separate bracket for Atmaca, the first naval missile of our country. The hawk will enter the inventory at the end of the year.
  • We opened today; We will take a step in this direction with the Space Technologies and Research Center.
  • In this facility; The most critical work carried out by the micro satellite launch project center are included. With this project, we will be able to place our micro satellites of 100 kilograms and less in low earth orbit with a height of at least 400 kilometers.
  • Turkey is the country of the world with the satellite launch, testing, production will have gained the upper maneuvering capabilities and infrastructure.
  • We will move on to the testing phase with both solid and liquid fuels. I would like to give the good news here that we will start the first space trials of the nationally developed liquid fuel rocket engine technology.
  • Same today zamWe are also opening Roketsan's explosive raw material production facility in Elmadağ. Thanks to this facility, most of our explosive raw material needs will be produced by national means.
  • With this critical capability for missile and rocket warhead explosives and armor systems, we will significantly break our dependence on abroad.

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