Renewed Jeep Compass in Turkey

Renewed Jeep Compass in Turkey
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Compass, the talented compact SUV model of Jeep, the brand of freedom, passion and adventure lovers, has been renewed. The new Compass model family, which is offered for sale with its environmentally friendly gasoline and diesel engine options and powerful design added to the existing engine range, draws attention to the version combined with a 150 HP 1.3-liter gasoline engine and 6-speed dual clutch (DDCT) automatic transmission. Compass's 120-liter diesel engine with 1.6 HP and manual transmission version are also equivalent within the scope of innovation.zamIt is immediately available for sale. The new Jeep Compass, which has 3 rich hardware options and has more than 70 security features, is waiting for its new owners with a turnkey sales price starting from 314 thousand 900 TL.

New versions of the Compass model, which combines the powerful design, efficiency and advanced technology features of the Jeep, which gives its name to the SUV segment and has strong roots, was launched. Compass, which takes its place in showrooms with its 4 liter 1.4 HP gasoline engine and 170-speed automatic transmission version with standard 9-wheel drive feature, has been added to the same engine and drive versions, zamEquipment packages were also renewed at the moment. In the new Compass models offered for sale; The version combined with a 150-liter turbo gasoline engine with 1.3 HP power and 6-speed DDCT (double clutch) automatic transmission draws attention. DDCT 6-speed automatic transmission provides faster acceleration and less fuel consumption. The Jeep Compass has an average fuel consumption of 150 lt / 1.3km, while the Jeep Compass has an average fuel consumption of 6 lt / 5,7km, with a 100-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with a cylinder volume of 120 HP and a 1.6-speed DDCT (double clutch). Another new version with a liter MultiJet II diesel engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox offers an average fuel consumption value of 4,6 lt / 100km.

Rich hardware options

The new Compass, which is offered for sale with turnkey prices starting from 314.900 TL as of August, offers SUV enthusiasts with 3 rich equipment options. Jeep Compass's Longitude hardware features powerful exterior lines, black roof rails, electric and heated body-colored folding side mirrors and 17-inch wheels, while interior dual-zone automatic air conditioning, Apple CarPlay and 7-inch display Uconnect ™ with Android Auto ™ information Equipment such as entertainment system, Keyless Entry & Start and rear parking sensors, standard front collision warning system, lane change warning system and cruise control make the journey safer.

Limited hardware, in addition to the Longitude hardware level; Uconnect ™ infotainment system with dark tinted windows, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ and Turkish navigation feature, 8,4 ”TFT display instrument panel and standard 7-inch wheels bring comfort to the highest level.

S Limited hardware, which makes Compass the most premium SUV in its class, is in addition to Limited equipment; black roof, special 19-inch wheels and special gray body details for indoor and outdoor, double-panel sunroof glass roof, electric and heated leather seats, heated leather steering wheel, auto-opening tailgate, Bi-Xenon headlights, blind spot warning and Alpine Premium It makes a difference compared to its rivals with its Sound System. The 8,4 inch display Uconnect ™ infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™, which is offered as standard in the S limited version, and Turkish navigation, are among the factors that increase driving pleasure.

Representing the brand's most important innovation move this year, the renewed Compass model takes its place in the Jeep showrooms; Another highly anticipated version of the model, the Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid, will be on sale in our country in the last quarter of the year.

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