Porsche Company is in Concern with Emission Costs


It was revealed that the German car manufacturer Daimler, including Mercedes-Benz, sold 684 thousand vehicles to users with software that would fool diesel emission tests, and the company was fined $ 2 billion.

Porsche, the luxury sports car manufacturer within the body of another German company Volkswagen, came up with an example.

Germany's Federal Motor Vehicles Office (KBA), He opened a large-scale investigation against Porsche with his arguments for manipulating engine information.

Jobs were mixed in PORSCHE

Verbal investigation, which made its debut in Europe before 2017 Porsche covers models. Porsche, which is claimed to have manipulated all of its fuel-oil engines, says that it has started an investigation within itself.

Spokespersons of the German manufacturer also state that the current Porsche models are not affected by this issue.


Fuel engines produced for Panamera models between 2008 and 2013 were within the scope of the investigation. According to the arguments, Porsche has manipulated emission information with various hardware and software on these engines.

Porsche, which signed a $ 630 million treaty with German prosecutors last year alone, admitted that it used equipment similar to that used by Volkswagen in diesel engines.

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