Porsche 935 price

Known as "Moby Dick" in the 1970s and became a legend by winning the Le Mans race in 1979, many contemporary replicas of the Porsche 935 have been produced so far. These replica models, which were produced only 77 until today, have now been replaced by the completely carbon fiber coated Porsche 935.

In fact, the new car, built on the 911 GT2 RS, offers a successful weighing price of 1.380 kg. In addition, the car has a 515 kW (700 hp) engine.

The cooling and exhaust system specially optimized for racing and the unique front panel design showing the finite production number are among the other highlights of the car.

When Porsche produced this vehicle in September 2018, it set a starting price of 700 euros. Now the price requested for this vehicle 1 million 450 thousand euros around.  This vehicle, which is sold by Hollmann International, draws attention once again with the fact that it has only covered 60 kilometers so far.

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