New 4 Season Tire from Petlas

Petlas has developed a new generation tire that offers safe driving in all seasons with its own R&D studies. The company's new generation product, the MultiAction PT565, is a 4 season tire designed to be used all year round, under all weather and road conditions.

Petlas Marketing Manager Erkal Özürün said, “There are legal regulations regarding the use of seasonal tires; However, as in the rest of the world, in our country, especially in regions where winters are not too harsh, vehicle owners can delay changing their tires. 3-season tires bearing the 4PMSF (Triple Crested Snowflake) mark offer consumers a safe alternative in this regard. We believe that PETLAS MultiAction PT565, which we offer with domestic capital, domestic R&D and domestic production to ensure balanced performance on wet, dry and snowy ground, will attract great attention. The 4 Season tire market is growing rapidly, especially in Europe. This new generation tire is a candidate to achieve great success in our export markets as well as in our country ”.


Snow tests of the Petlas MultiAction PT3, which has the Snowflake (565PMSF) symbol for winter tire certification, and the international setlas MultiAction PT565 for use on snow, were carried out at the world-famous Test World Tire Test Facilities in Northern Finland. Other tests were carried out in Petlas' fully equipped R&D laboratories and internationally accredited test track in Kırşehir.

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