During the Pandemic Period, Journalism Awards Found Their Owners

Winners of the # İstinyeli Awards, which were determined as a result of the votes of the students of İstinye University, in the field of "Journalism During the Pandemic Period" have been announced. The award ceremony, in which the winning reporters are honored, took place on Monday, August 10, 2020 at 19:00 at İstinye University Congress Center.

Held for the 3rd time this year by the Rectorate of Istinye University, with the votes of Istinye University students and the contributions of Liv Hospital, the "#istinyeli Awards" found their owners.

The event, where the awards were presented at the ceremony held at the Istinye University Congress Center, was held this year with the title "Journalism During the Pandemic Period". The media members who stand out with their publications enlightening the public and the names transmitting information on new media / digital platforms were determined by Istinye University students in 16 different categories.

The award for devoted journalists

The following information was included in the statement made by Istinye University. “As it is known, we are going through a pandemic period, through a global catastrophe that humanity may experience every 100 years. During this entire period, from the virus recognition process to vaccine and drug development studies; From conveying the anti-virus measures to the correct language to preventing information pollution; Clear and accurate information has undoubtedly been of vital importance in print, visual and audio media and digital platforms. Media members and new generation reporters have brought these vital contents to the public through traditional media, new media and digital platforms. During the pandemic period, students of Istinye University demonstrated a responsible student and citizenship example by adapting anti-virus measures to their lives while continuing their education without interrupting the distance education process; It showed a similar responsibility by rewarding members of the media and new generation reporters. In other words, the traditional # İstinyeli Awards are this time organized for journalists working with great effort and dedication to inform the public. "

Everything complies with the 3M rule

Istinye University Rector Prof. Dr. At the ceremony, which started with Erdal Karaöz's speech, Prof. Dr. Karaöz said, “During the pandemic period when the public was in great need of science and the reliability of scientific thinking, Istinye University and its academicians supported the fight against the epidemic by carrying out scientific studies as well as informing the public, and shared his happiness for demonstrating a similar responsibility to students from Istiny. Underlining the importance of the students, who continue their education with distance education during the pandemic period, to obey the rules as a responsible citizen, Prof. Dr. Karaöz said, "Our students took this responsibility one step further and rewarded the members of the media who worked to inform the society. I congratulate them."

Prof. Dr. Karaöz pointed out that the interest in the field of health increased even more during the university preference period, and made suggestions for the importance of choosing the right profession and for students to get to know and discover themselves.

Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Professor, who received an award in the Physician Trust to the Society Category. Dr. At the ceremony, where Ateş Kara also gave a speech, university students and the public were informed about the latest situation regarding coronavirus and social responsibility messages were conveyed.

Award winners, students and academic staff of the university also attended the ceremony held in Istinye University Congress Center in accordance with the mask, distance and maximum cleaning rule. MFÖ soloists Mazhar Alanson and Fuat Güner also attended the ceremony.


Best News Program

Fatih PORTAKAL - FOX Haber

Best Debate Program

Ahmet HAKAN - Neutral Zone / CNN Turk

Best Weekday Morning News Program

Ahu ÖZYURT - From 10 to 12 / TV100

Best Weekend Morning Program

Oylum TALU - This is the Weekend / Habertürk

Best Science Program

Fatih ALTAYLI - Teke Tek / Habertürk

Best Reporter


Best Columnist

Deniz ZEYREK - Sözcü Newspaper

Best Health Page

Didem SEYMEN - Sabah Newspaper

Best Education Editor

Ceyda KARAASLAN - Sabah Newspaper

Best Digital News Platform


Most Interesting New Media Channel


The Most Reliable Media where Case Numbers are Followed

Dr. Fahrettin KOCA - Minister of Health / Twitter


Most Active Pandemic Reporter

Yeşim SERT - Anadolu Agency

The Doctor Who Trust the Society

Prof. Dr. Ateş KARA / Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member

Most Influential Next Generation Publisher

İnci ABAY CANSABUNCU / Instagram

Most Influential Next Generation Publisher

Dr. Sertaç DOĞANAY / Linkedin

Community Awareness Project

MFÖ - Mask Put Song

Hibya News Agency

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