Change of Task at OYDER


Çınar Noyan became the New Secretary General of OYDER. In the statement made by OYDER, Özgür Tezer, who worked between 2012 and 2020, was thanked for his work on behalf of the automotive retailing and automotive sector, and wished success to the new Secretary General Çınar Noyan. 

Çınar Noyan, who completed his education life at Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration in 1994, started his career in Nissan Otomotiv A.Ş. Noyan, who worked as the Strategic Communications Coordinator at Tofaş in 1995, served as the Subaru Brand Director at Baytur Motorlu Araclar, which he held since 2004 until 2006. Çınar Noyan, the managing partner of a company that has been involved in various consultancy and training activities, including OYDER Board Consultancy since 2009, is married and has a son. - Hibya

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